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  • *🐾*PET*🐾* 250mg – 100% Organic CBD Tincture

  • *🐾*PET*🐾* 500mg – 100% Organic CBD Tincture

  • Fixed Wellness 1000mg Organic | Broad Spectrum CBD Oil |Fixedwellness

    Fixed Wellness™ 1000mg Organic *THC Free*

  • Fixed Wellness™ 1000mg Organic Full Spectrum

  • Fixed Wellness Topical ROLL ON 1000MG

    Fixed Wellness™ 1000mg Topical Roll-on

  • Fixed Wellness™ 1500mg Organic Full Spectrum

  • Sale!

    Fixed Wellness™ 2000mg Organic Full Spectrum

    Original price was: $140.Current price is: $120.
  • Sale! Fixed Wellness Topical ROLL ON 2000MG

    Fixed Wellness™ 2000mg Topical Roll-on

    Original price was: $140.Current price is: $120.
  • Fixed Wellness™ 250mg | Pure Organic Tincture Oil | Fixedwellness

    Fixed Wellness™ 250mg Organic *THC Free*

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