Welcome to Fixed Wellness.

Fixed Wellness Organics products are 100% all-natural and organic, and grown right here in the United States. Moreover, it’s even packaged here in the USA, so it is a 100% Organic Made in the USA product. And with either the Full Spectrum (contains traces <0.03 % THC) or Broad Spectrum (THC Free), products are double lab verified before and after manufacturing to ensure you get the best organic cbd oil and product line you deserve.  

Fixed Wellness is a family owned company created with integrity, built on respect, and with a dedication to health and wellness the natural, organic way.

Where it all Began-

When we started this journey in 2017, we experienced what it felt like to pay high prices for products that didn’t work. We were tired of spending hours researching to find the ‘best’ product, only to have it fall short when we actually received it.

We rigorously tested and researched until we could offer exactly what we had been searching for all along. Every batch is 3rd party tested, so you can rest assured that there is quality in every drop. We stand behind each bottle and guarantee it meets the highest standards. Our products are pure and natural, as they should be. Our company recognizes the critical importance of a healthy lifestyle, and we hope that you will see this reflected in our brand.

…And simple as that;  With the need for relief  and a passion to help bring change to the world, in 2018 – Fixed Wellness Organics was born!

– Paul, Fixed Wellness


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